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limited resources. unlimited wants.

October 24, 2006

saw the second N73 in my life today. there was one time when i told myself i’ll never take a second look at nokia phones again. but N73 proved me wrong. if i had the money, i’ll buy it. not when my savings had reached the amt. but maybe when someday cash starts to fall down from the sky or when i strike lottery all of a sudden. i’ll go buy it.

somehow the tot of the idea of beginner’s luck (like beginners no matter how noob can win their first round in mahjong) prompted me to go buy myself my first ever lottery ticket. actually it was sunday’s 4D. haha. spent 2bucks and in the end i didnt win. so i told my dad ‘why i never har?’ so he replied ‘i bought 4D from twenty yrs ago and till now i still havent won any, you first time how to win?’ haha.

hais. if only i had more money lah. i think this is sth i always think abt. like i’ll buy myself more clothes, buy a new phone, buy ipod, get myself a new comp, maybe a better hse and a gd car for my dad. argh. stupid. sometimes u can jus sit down and struggle with urself on whether u shd get urself a job tat u like or one tat can get u loaded.

life kinda suck yah? esp money always seems to be not enough.

yet another piece of news on bloggin today. apparently this mp’s daughter commented on her blog abt the old and unemployed, like they shdnt rely on the benefits from the govt, and was bombarded by the public. sigh. maybe we shdnt tok so much on blogs. ppl shdnt rely on govt’s benefits? we can only comment on this on econs essays, never ever do it on blogs or newspapers forums. cos it will only get u into trouble. essays yay.

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