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taro and the crane.

November 17, 2006

Once upon a time, there was a woodcutter called Taro. One day when he was passing by this bridge, he heard a painful bird’s cry. Taro looked up and saw a wounded white crane falling down from the sky onto the other side of the bridge. Taro went to look at the wounded crane. The crane’s wound was very deep and was dying.

Taro took the white crane home, hoping he coud heal it. Very soon they came upon Taro’s home. Taro laid down the crane and pondered on how to heal it. Seeing the crane in so much pain, he gave the crane water to drink. Under his loving attention, the crane got well at last. Very often the crane would fly around Taro’s head and made him very happy. But suddenly the crane flew away. When it came back it gave taro a bean. When Taro took the bean, the crane flew away and never came back.

Taro didn’t know what to do with the bean. Unconsciously, Taro came to the bridge again. All of a sudden, a very beautiful girl appeared before him. The 16-year-old girl soon married Taro. So Taro and Sakurako married and lived very happily. As for the bean, it turned out to be a cocoa bean. Sakurako taught Taro to make delicious chocolates with the beans. Later, they sold the chocolates, which became very popular. Taro started to make a good living and they were very happy. Even so, they still went out to cut wood everyday. But the happiness did not last. One day, lightning struck Taro and he fainted. When he woke up, his beloved Sakurako was no longer there.

The chocolate became Sakura’s Lovre Chocolate. (i guess it’s a brand of chocolate)

(omg. this story got no plot. haha.)

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