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slacking. already.

November 23, 2006

lalala. my dad and my sis kept asking me to get a job, maybe becos my sis hoped tat in this way she might get more pocket money. but, prom is comin and im still in a mess. first i dun hav the costume(yes. costume). okay. i noe. i will try to find sth this weekend. i hope. and i still need to dye my hair, maybe find some nice nail polish (haha. omg. u are hearing this from me.) my hair now is irritatingly long. tgt with my nails. but i dun dare to cut in case it turns out damn ugly and i shall have ugly nails for prom. haha.

watched a little of the hotel show yesterday. it was quite.. disappointing lah. maybe i was expecting too much from it in the first place. shall try to get myself to watch the rest of ep1 and then judge whether it’s worth the time.

still sticking to my aeroplane show. wah. it’s getting nicer by the episode. im not intending to go ahead of the tv one cos it’s the thrill of waiting for the nxt episode tat makes me look forward to the nxt day. belle is already married to vincent and i kept wanting to say ‘ahhh. 可惜可惜 stupid’ whenever i see sam and belle talking to each other. zoe is getting a little irritating but somehow i kinda pity her too. for her weird taste for men. hahaha. it’s not tat sam is ugly(in fact he has the charisma loh. taking tat he’s already 42 when he was filming the show) but i tot issac would make a better choice yah?

if u have watched yday’s ep, issac’s method of memorising stuff was to paste his notes all over the wall and then to use his bouncy ball (those rubber ball which u can get at 20cents) to throw at a paragraph and to yell ‘yes!’ after tat. haha. omg. i was laughing so hard at that part. wat the hell is he doing?

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