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December 3, 2006

u noe they always play this thing before cm break. eh. i dunno how to say. jus look at the pictures below. and i think this is one of the many things i like abt 衝上雲霄. it effectively brings out what they wan to express and still not get all too cheesy. there’s 2 versions to this. apparently the old one and the young one. and i like the young one better.

the three of them look super duper cool in the first 2 frames. and i like the part with the 5 of them (S4 and zita) jus standing in one line and laughing. it jus feels very.. nice. haha.

and there’s the old version with sam, belle, vincent and zoe. i dun like this version as much. first, becos of the first frame with zoe; she seems to be lookin at sam lustfully!! and in the 2nd frame the smug on vincent’s face.

the screenshot above is from the ep that is gonna be showing on monday. sam became the first chinese captain!! haha. and this shot is quite cute lah. all of them gathering round sam’s cake to take photo.

and check out the tong brothers in pink. haha. i dunno why they were chosen to wear pink. but 2 pink men? um.

this is the first morning sam’s gonna go to work as a captain. i think the funny thing is wat sam said. his mum wanted him to get dressed quickly cos she wanted to see him in his handsome uniform. and he said, ‘I’m always handsome, Mom.’

and there is an increasing number of scenes with S4. and they are getting more likeable. (: and it’s actually quite shiok to see all 4 of them in one show. i think we cant get another show with the 4 of them tgt.

and tada. this is i think the handsome-est moment of francis ng in the whole show. he became the first chinese captain and becos of a small accident, he had a blood clot in his brain, affecting his vision and his future as a pilot. he reached the peak of his career and fell straight down awww. it sounds damn cheesy lah but francis ng could make it feel so devastatingly real. here he’s asking flora chan if he shd go for an operation.

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