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star awards.

December 12, 2006

actually i didnt intend to go st james cos i thought it would be quite stupid if we get stranded outside again like last yr(we went down to mdc hoping to get extra tix from the people there but there wasnt any. hais.) but my sis suggested going to jus check out the red carpet thing since ‘zheng yuan chang only comes to spore once in a while’.

and so i went. and wah. standing beside the red carpet with the fans also need tickets. i think mdiacorp is kinda crazy.(did they expect thousands of people to go down and root for christopher lee and fann wong?) so i suggested sitting on the overhead bridge near the venue to watch the event since it was the only place shielded from the sun and had a good view of the big screen too. hah. and guess who i saw. the model twin from school. i think they are part of star awards. i was thinking in my mind ‘i bet they are those guys ushering the stars down the stage or something like that lah.’ haha. they seem to be everywhere hur? seventeen magazine, nets ad, prom.. and apparently these few girls beside me knew who they were too. so i msged a few ppl abt them and brenda replied that she’s at that place too!! haha. cool. and her comment on the model twin being at star awards too was ‘so gay lah’ haha. true.

good things dun last for long. the security guard came like 15min later and shoo us up onto the overhead bridge. and a crowd started gathering on the overhead bridge. i think they were scared that the overhead bridge will collaspe or something so we had to move down. and this was when i saw anson goh. finally. i got to see him. since huimin and aileen all saw him before except me. he’s quite good looking lah. not like how badly addy lee described him in u-weekly.

and we were blocking the entrance to the so called mosh-pit(though the viewing angle is still damn bad from the mosh pit) so we had to move to the concrete walkway. hais. see lah. no ticket no talk. but one guy from mediacorp was nice enough to get all of us into the mosh pit though we didnt have any ticket.(he was the only reasonable guy there. the others were so LBL; made me think of the NUTS syndrome coined by simwonghoo)

we were on the right side of the mosh pit and the viewing angle was quite bad. most of the stars looked how they looked like on tv. but daylon kuo and joe cheng were exceptionally tall or maybe unhumanly tall. they are so so so tall!! haha. and of course francis ng. he came out as a nick cheung, jessica hsuan and him trio. but they looked really weird. nick cheung was shorter than jessica hsuan and while jessica hsuan had her arm in nick cheung, francis ng was weirdly tugging her other arm. haha. and he was chewing gum while he walked. i thought stars aint supposed to chew gum once they get on the camera?

and then at 7, the ceremony started. actually i suggested going home to watch but still it was quite cool to watch outside st james. since there were fans and the ambience. there was a big screen outside st james and like half of the fans who were there for the red carpet left before the ceremony started.

st james looked so cram on the tv. haha. seriously. everyone in st james seemed to be squeezing and one pan of the camera and we can see everyone. do u think the venue was nice? i prefer mdc. it has the classy feel. st james makes the whole ceremony look so informal.

the whole ceremony was quite boring. as in no one did anything crazy that is worth to be put on the headlines for wanbao the nxt day. except huangyiliang. i was quite shocked that he won the award again. um. i think the others deserved it more than him. it’s like watching anthony wong getting golden horse twice(but still, i like anathony wong so much more than him, though anthony wong is a little on the crazy side at times) and huangyiliang seemed to be drunk when he was on stage.(i knew they shdnt have held the thing at st james) qiyuwu seemed a little weird too when he went up the stage to get his top10 most popular award. he was sulking when he was giving his thanks. maybe he was expecting himself to get the best actor award?

but i enjoyed watching linanxing and ivy lee on stage. okay lah. quite a lot of people didnt expect them to win or even whether they did much to be worth the award. but i like their feng du. i dunno. watching them getting the award jus makes me feel very comfortable.

francis ng’s mandarin was bad. and nick cheung’s was worse. haha. but i tot the part where he said ‘他做了什么?’in respond to christopher lee’s speech where he apologised for his drink and drive incident was quite funny. he and jessica hsuan are damn bad presenter though. haha.

the after ceremony party was quite redundant. maybe for this yr. they spent most of the time interviewing the guests from overseas. wat’s the point? and the guests looked so out of place.

okay. shall talk abt another thing. rmb king and the castle? adrian chan kept talking abt what this theme of death and impending doom. it’s like there were symbols every where from chapter1 abt death and we will expect someone to die in the novel lah.(though kingshaw’s death still came as a shock to me)

–spoilers for triumph in the skies. dun read if u dun wan to noe.–

and triumph in the skies too used the impending doom thing. haha. after their.. attempt in ep5 to play with parallel(the part where belle and vincent were haing a nice dinner and sam was stuck at home eating spaghetti made by issac), there’s this impending doom thing in ep27.

belle met this lady on the plane whose husband died and then she was bringing him back to hk or something. belle saw that the lady was acting weirdly so she offered her ginseng tea and then the lady said that it was her husband who prompted belle to give her ginseng tea. so belle thought it was very romantic and vincent told her that if he died he would ask someone to offer her tea too lah.

wah biang. quite big hint ah. still haven watched until that part but it was quite obvious lah.

–end of spolier–

oh. and i borrowed this bk from the library on infernal affairs. it was a quite interesting book becos it had notes from the director and the actors in it. alan mak talked quite a lot on IA2 which was quite interesting becos i didnt really went to notice the symbols while watching the movie. like why he chose 1991, 1995 and 1997 these 3 yrs for the movie.

and there was this part where he said talked abt hau(francis ng’s character) hau is a new character in IA2 and also the person who is driving the whole story. he didnt seem to be the lead character in the show but everything seem to happen in one way or another becos of what he did. and there was this part where alan mak said that what’s so interesting abt francis ng is that u can give him a character and he can put so many kinds of personality to the character. and for IA2 francis ng chose to give hau a kind of ‘student’ feel. his character is supposed to be shy, reserved and not fit to be a triad boss at all. hmm. interesting. i tot hau was more of a hidden tiger couching dragon kind of person. and more of a CEO style triad boss. maybe i need to re-watch.

i think francis ng shd be crowned the friend of raintree or something. infernal affairs II is a joint production btw media asia and raintree(that’s why u get to see tay ping hui in it). and if u got watch 2000AD(this movie with aaron kwok and james lye and phyllis quek and lian kai(i like him!!)), francis ng acted as the villian. do u rmb? haha. all i could rmb was james lye and aaron kwok and that hello kitty chop on his head. and rmb zoe tay’s movie ‘the tree(孩子树)’, francis ng acted in that too. woa.

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