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Old Time Buddy.

December 19, 2006

难兄难弟!! hahaha. omg. i tot i’ll never get a chance to watch this again since we cant usually find this kind of old shows on youtube. but. muahaha. i finally found somewhere where i can watch it. it’s so cute!! haha. it’s funny. no. it’s very funny.

i’m watching 刑事侦缉档案IV at the same time. actually now to watch dif4, can really see that it’s a show that was filmed 7yrs back. like how the leads have rather obiang hair and dress um rather obiangly also. but old time buddy seems okay. cos it’s set in the 60s. and it’s damn cute. haha. if francis ng’s character in triumph is likeable, he is even more likeable in old time buddy.

in ep1, he works in this dimsum cafe. then there was this 4 customers who hid the dim sum plates under the table after finishing becos in the cafe they count the number of the dim sum plates to charge u. (hey. this sounds like the sakae gimmicks that we have always been talking abt. like hiding the sushi rice in a plastic bag during sakae buffet. haha.)so francis ng gave them their bill lah. then after they left he found the dim sum plates on the floor. he was scared that his boss would scold him, he threw the plates out of the window. and the plates hit the boss’s daughter, some rather fat girl, who likes him. hahahaha.

nxt sunday’s the last ep of the great adventurer. actually i didnt really watch the show. caught like 10min of the starting of the show every other wk. the pace of the show is rather slow so somehow i could still catch what’s happening. it has a nice hk cast: francis ng, flora chan and dayo wong. oh. talking abt dayo wong. i watched ‘to catch the uncatchable’ till ep7 now. it’s dumbly funny. but the jokes inside are very stand-up comedy kind of jokes. like how they play with names like marco ngai’s character’s romeo to carrot head and dayo wong’s sir is called ‘sze-ko-but'(stupid) and then to add in song and dance ah, to play with words ah; the jokes are very stand-up comedy type.

okay lah. this is the first ep of ‘old time buddy’ watch it when u are free.

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