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December 20, 2006

today when i was out with felicia today, we were in courts lah, and at the section where they were selling apple desktops, they were playing movie trailers to showcase how clear their screen are. and there was this computer which was showing the trailer for ‘Letters from Iwo Jima‘. and wat shocked me was that there was nino!! he’s this guy from the grp ‘arashi'(the same grp where matsu jun is from. u noe the new kindaichi in kindaichi3 and the daomingsi for the japanese version of the hana yori dango drama)

nino leh. i always tot he is those idol idol type one? and somemore the movie is an angmoh one. woa. from imdb that ‘letters from iwo jima’ is shot back to back with ‘Flags of Our Fathers‘ and they were both directed by the same guy. so it was sort of 2 movies, abt the same thing, from 2 different POVs.

this is arashi. and nino’s the guy on the far right.

and while i was surfing the site i came to the page on pirates3. hahahaha. do u noe that chow yun fatt is in it?

he is acting as a pirate from singapore the place where jack sparrow so happen to land in. hahaha. so i guess the people in the background are singaporeans lah. chow yun fatt. hahaha. a must watch. even more so if u are a singaporean.

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