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the early christmas celebration.

December 23, 2006

lalala. celebrated xmas with yueting, felicia, yueyun yesterday. i think it’s sort of a pre-xmas celebation. do u noe xmas is on monday? i tot it’s on sun lah. so we celebrated xmas on 22 this yr. aiyoh.

so we started the day going to techpt. haha. my fault. was going down to collect my confession of pain stuff. and while walking to techpt we took a wrong route and ended having to walk across this large patch of grass. it was raining before so the whole grass patch was muddy. so 狼狈 lah. and while we were walking we came to realised that there was a fence around the whole grass patch thing. felicia suggested that maybe the grass patch is those ‘state land: no trespassing’ kind of thing and people will come and catch us when we reach the other side of the grass patch. and we were so ready to climb over the fence. before yueting realised that there was an opening in the fence and that we could jus walk out. phew.

the confession of pain gift is not bad lah. there’s a mousepad, notebk, poster and a pair of tickets. but i didnt realise the person gave me the takeshi kaneshiro poster!! i only realised when i opened to see it when i reached home. i wan the tony leung one!! oh. and talking abt posters at techpt. haha. i think the people there are quite funny. the last time i went to get the departed stuff with ong, they gave us the leo dicaprio poster cos she was thinking young people sure wan leo dicaprio while the older women will like matt damon one. so i think this time the woman must be thinking young girls like takeshi, older women like tony leung. hais. gimme tony leung one leh.

so we walked and walked and walked before we went back to yck mrt and take 852 to hc. haha. cos there was track camp and yueting wanna go back and find her juniors. u noe how big is hc? haha. actually felicia and i were quite reluctant becos we didnt noe anyone there lah. and so felicia suggested going back to ny. yah. i also wan. haha. cos i wanna go find my friend whom i have nv met. and felicia came up with the excuse of wanting to go back to ny to find her pet fish emily in the toilet bowl. haha. wat the hell. lousy excuse.

but in the end we stayed in hc. and played cards. haha. bridge, big2 and spilt. felicia and i kinda trashed yueting at first. but her junior came to help her and trashed us. played until the hc people had this horror movie screening and so we zao to town.

didnt do much in town becos most of the shops were closing by 1030pm (actually it’s kinda late for spore malls right?) felicia anticipated midnight shopping lah. but she saw the wrong date for midnight shopping. it was 23-25dec. and yday was only 22dec. hais. slacked around. exchanged present.

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