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December 29, 2006

it’s a great day for spore.

so the internet is slowly getting back to normal after 2 days of great lagging and jamming. heard from the news that it was caused by 4 wires under the sea which broke due to the taiwan earthquake and so we kinda have to share the wires left. after i heard this i was like omg, so we are still so back in technology that we have to pull wires under the sea in order to transmit information. u noe like the web, it sounds so connected, so ‘remote control’. and then u come telling me that all that happen because we are pulling wires under the sea.

okay lah. so the internet is slowly coming back. or maybe becos there isnt a lot of people online now. but isnt it kinda mean that people out there at taiwan had their houses collapsed and on fire due to the earthquake and we are here complaining abt our jammed up internet.

and 2nd thing that i realised recently. we can take budget to places like taiwan and hongkong!! i always tot we can only budget to like thailand, brunei and places near us. but taiwan? it’s quite far from here leh. so when do we have to start planning for our taiwan trip? wanna hav a joined one? so jetstar does go taiwan. hah. i was telling my sis this, and her reply was ‘go and ask ur friend to give u discount lah.’ haha. last time the mint and now jetstar. damn bad. haha.

2006 is ending really soon and i still havent gotten myself a job. sigh. pls pls gimme the spore pools job can? haha. it’s like the coolest job we can have in town. ‘oh so wat did u do for ur hol job?’ ‘oh. i went to ans people’s enquiry on 4D, toto and yesterday’s horse races.’ hahahaha.

and the shows that i wanna watch are piling up. a-wang borrowed from felicia’s friend, nodame, hanakimi, academy, catch the uncatchable, dif4, forensic heroes, dicey business, cib. everything watch a bit only.

and ron ng seems the same in all the dramas. those naughty teenager who makes his parents worry and in the end become one matured man. or something like that.

watched my third zhangyimou movie. the scenes were all so magnificant. they got like thousands of kar-li-fei to act as the 宮女s and soldiers. and they wasted like damn a lot of chrysanthemum cos in the battle scene they jus got tampled over. so i was tellin my dad that they were really wasting a lot of money on the chrysanthemum, and he replied ‘aiyah. chrysanthemum is cheap. imagine if they chose to put roses. they will be broke loh.’

read from iweekly that the soldiers they got in the show were real soldiers. haha. ‘soldiers. we have a big task today. u have to go and act in the new zhangyimou movie.’

the plot is quite predictable but i was quite convinced at first that gongli will succeed in her plan, she didnt in the end. damn.

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