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cringing factors.

January 3, 2007

cringe #1:

war and beauty. at least the first episode. the episode was so unbearable. the girls in the show are so so so irritating. they whine and whine and whine. ahhhh. maybe it’s more reasonable to think in this way that since they are gonna be concubines for the emperor they shd whine in order to attract the emperor or sth. but still, they are one batch of spoilt brats. and i tot the backstabbing in the show are gonna be like those in jewel in the palace; scheming secretive kind. but it turned out they werent backstabbing, they were front stabbing lah. so obvious!! not fun one. the ones in jewel in the palace are like so crafty.

another thing. i cant stand gigi lai. omg. that hou (some high officer)’s girl. the way her eyes budge when she talk jus totally piss me off. haha. and she kinda remind me of an old friend.

cringe #2:

michael tao as a gamble-all-day, lousy teacher. as in his character is so sam pat. and all those flowery shirts that he wear. it’s like watching bobby au yeung in dicey business with flowery shirts and huge stomach. hais.

cringe #3:

project superstar on their theme of golden oldies. diya had always been plesant to watch lah, but today she wore like a hat and huge earrings, like a christmas tree!! thank gdness she didnt imitate feng fei fei and sang teh-ly. wah biang. and that michelle. ahhh. watch her will 伤眼睛.

oh the other hand, the academy is getting nicer and nicer!! but clubbox doesnt seem to move and so im still stuck at ep5. hais. and there’s chin ka lok in academy. haha. really long time no see.

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