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confession of pain.

January 9, 2007

there was tony leung. and there was takeshi kaneshiro. and alan mak. and andrew lau.

but the show was really boring.

okay i take back my words. it’s a show that has an impact that lasts, not shock. cos with alan mak and andrew lau i was expecting infernal affairs kind of wit and i like how IA explores the human nature. IA will leave anyone who watches it so much new ideas that u will feel like discussing it once you are outside the cinema.

but confession of pain is very very different. it shoves u the feeling. and leaves a deep mark in you. the plot was not not not not scheming. it was like yet another episode of detective investigation files. the case was very simple, the twist was quite expected (esp till the end). but how the truth reveals itself it somehow prompts the audience to think abt human nature and why we choose to this and that.

the whole movie had a very deliberate cheerful mood, which is ironic as the title was confession of pain. everyone in the show seemed happy, have some painful incidents in them and yet are truly happy here and there.

but if i have to say whether it’s a sadder ending for liuzhenxi in COP or hau/wong sir/yan in IA, it has to be the latter. the sadness for liuzhenxi is kinda forced. it’s like how francisng was saying at the nlb, shows can make u cry due to 2 reasons: one being the actor crying and so u feel like crying too; the second the actor does not cry, instead he appears to be strong and that makes u feel so sad for him. COP is like the first kind and IA the second kind. and the second kind always leaves u feeling sadder.

i like movies becos of how it leaves u a feeling so strong when the credits comes out and u feel like discussing it with someone. it has an impact much stronger than tv shows. but COP doesnt. it’s like umm drinking alcohol, the bitter taste isnt very nice but the after effect is very shiok.


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