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hana yori dango. two.

January 16, 2007

道明寺 司 花泽 类 西门 美作 杉菜

these are pictures i posted 1yr ago on hana yori dango. and yay. they are back with season 2. this time they follow the pattern of like having a close-up for each character for the opening song.

omg. the actors actually looked a lot more matured. eee. i like the old ones.

but anw, the show is good. as opposed to meteor garden (wah biang. i cant stand the michelle. even if she is from spore. sigh.), season 2 for hana yori dango is good. it follows the comic very closely and since season1 only had 11eps, season2 of hana hasnt gone into the amnesia part but instead started on tha part where domyoji went to US and he got a fiancée. his fiancée is like a monkey. yak non-stop. hahaha.

gave up on hana kimi long ago. i cannot stand how ella goes ‘泉~~’ hahaha. i like her better in the rose. somehow hana kimi tried a little too hard to be funny and romantic at the same time. 惡作劇之吻 was better.

some time ago taiwan had this movie called 國士無雙 catch and i tot the male lead look extremely familiar.

he’s the mei zuo from hana yori dango!!(scroll above to see) haha. he spoke in perfect taiwanese-accented mandarin so much so that he was unrecognisable.

anw, it’s a made-in-taiwan movie from the cast and crew of 十七嵗的天空. um. the funny gay show.

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