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wkend update.

January 20, 2007

yay. it’s yet another wkend. which means i have already worked for 2wks. time flies when u get a little happier. hahaha. okay lah. i’m no longer so unhappy towards my working environment, in fact i think im starting to blend into the whole city area thing.

so in this wk, i..

had an insult from a hongkong woman. hahahaha.

it was quite stupid lah. she called the office and i was supposed to pick up lah.

‘good afternoon. *company name*’
‘i wan to find ton nee um’

so i checked the list and realised there was a certain manager that has a name that sounds something like the name she said. but he wasnt around.

‘oh. he is currently not around. is there anything i can help u with?’
‘i sent a cheque over. i give u the cheque number. chuee-sewen-huai-tooo’
‘u dun noe english. chuee-sewen-huai-too. u dun noe english. 三七五二’

omg. and it wasnt ‘u dun noe english?’ question mark. it was ‘u dun noe english.’ full stop. fine loh. i dunno english. hahahaha.

it actually becomes quite fun to work in the city once u get the norms and all the unwritten rules of working in the city.

1. do not give way to the traffic and the traffic will never give way to u.

no one in the city area waits for the green man to cross, they see no car or the car very slow, they cross. and everyone cross tgt, it’s like the power of the crowd. green light so what? ‘all of us cross u bang lah, u bang lah, i scared ah.’ but the cars are also not lamps that save oil, they pass any red light they see if they have a chance. so in the city, if the green man is like flashing with maybe 10sec left but no one is crossing, u have to cross with caution, the cars there all jus zoom past one. so the rule is always join the crowd when crossing, confirm wont get run over.

2. lunch time: tissue paper is the king.

in the whole city area, everyone has lunch at the same time. and no one can waste time to wait. so once they find seats, they will take out tissue paper and ‘chope’ place. it’s jus an unwritten rule there, u cannot touch any seat with tissue paper. u can see one huge empty table with tissue paper on the seats and u noe u cannot touch that table.

3. move swiftly, think quickly.

no one there waits for u. brisk walk if u can, think of lunch before lunch time to save time. everyone does that, u have to do that too.

although the whole raffles place seem like a concrete jungle with jus offices, it is one place where u can get the nicest food in spore. practically every single resturant has a branch in raffles place/city hall/tanjong pagar, u jus have to know how to find them. and it’s not that easy also.

but i still wanna try retail, after march lah. im gonna call up some retail place. (:

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