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January 24, 2007

the office.

okay lah. im slowly getting used to the working city life and so im not complaining as much nowadays. and also. i found many other people who are like me and hate their jobs. so at least i wont feel so sad.

this morning the lady beside upgraded her ie to 7. and was quite amazed by the new ie. and she got the IT guy in my company to teach her the new stuff. and their conversation were like

lady: ‘hey. not bad ah. the new internet’
guy: ‘yah. beta that time i already use liaoz. not bad not bad’.

fine loh. must hao lian he got use beta. hahaha. 老娘used mozilla mah. but anw, to discover ie7 today only is quite backward. everyone upgrade ur ie to the 7th edition. and ur msn to windows live messenger 8 or even beta 8.1 and ur wmp to 11 and ur itunes to 7.02. yup(: and to try the vista 60-day trial. if ur comp can take it.

work is piling up on my desk but im not intending to rush. do slowly. and the food at amoy is really good. i spent almost the first 2wks eating lau pat sat food, which is really not nice, and to realise that amoy’s food is so much better. and cheaper. mee siam at international plaza tmr(:

war and beauty

i reach home at around 730 everyday so i gave up watching the campus superstar show or shine on you. i like the 9o’clock christopher lee show and war and beauty. and i like sunbaiyang and rufei. haha. cos they are the only ones with character. the gugu is jus plain nice. moses chan is jus the construction worker who likes gugu. erchun only listens to her godfather. and yuying is irritatingly irritating. sinbaiyang yay, rufei yay.

砒霜 – bowie lam, gigi lai

and i read from wiki that yuying will have sunbaiyang’s child. eeeeeee. sunbaiyang could have had a better taste. like.. rufei. hahaha. or if ada choi acted as yuying. gigilai reminds me too much of an old friend who slps on office tables. hahaha. u will noe wat im sayin if u noe who im refering to. yup. the office table. hahaha.

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