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January 25, 2007

**sorry jialing. i went to watch one last dance first le. heh. sorry sorry.*

this post had been rotting under draft for 4 whole days. haha. i really wanna blog abt it but im really lazy.

i didnt go into the cinema thinking that this would be a very good show. u read the critic on Today, u wont expect it to be very good. but still i went to watch lah. cos first the trailer was good. second, it’s interesting to watch francisng in singapore. like how it’s interesting to watch full time killer for the andylau-rafflesplacemrt scene. and for gen x cop for the jump-down-from-raffles-hotel scene.

it was.. a film that had a very good idea. the idea is worth 5stars. the trailer will tell u that this movie is like a puzzle. and each clue is like a jigsaw piece. but i think this jigsaw thing will suit confession of pain better. one last dance is on a higher level. it reminds me of rashomon(actually we all watched this show. u jus dunno the name. it’s this 1950 japanese black and white movie that involves this woman, her husband, a woodcutter and a thief. catch some ball eh? we watched it during sec2 for english lesson lah.), becos u somehow see the story from the point of views of the different character. they never make it so obvious like rashomon lah, but u can see that the story telling point changes thru-out the movie.

it’s like a many pov cum reverse chronological movie. it’s very easy to get lost in the plot. esp the last 40min when there’s a huge twist.

so i say. the idea of it is very good. but. it is spoilt by the rest. first, the filming techniques. the scenes were very beautiful – if they had been a commercial. the scenes in the trailer are very attractive but once you have to spend 2 whole hrs lookin at this kind of filming, it gets a little irritating. many of the shots were taken very amateurish. like the panning. and it gets most obvious at the ending scene where vivianhsu was trying to kill the angmoh guy. anyone could have chose a better angle.

and the lousy CGI. the CG blood is so so so fake lah. i prefer the good old blood bag. and i cant stand the scene transitions. it’s like they will keep the person in the previous scene, change the background before going into the nxt scene. aiyah. how to explain this. haha.

and the way the story is told. in order to link the whole show tgt they keep having the OS from T which makes the show feel so childish and amateurish.

but i like the acting from the actors. francis ng acted as T(cos his fav drink is tea. hahaha.), a killer, but ultimately a nice guy. he likes to drink tea, likes to play chess and doesnt kill on sundays. haha. killing is his job, not his hobby. when he doesnt kill he’s a very nice guy. he is secretly in love with his friend’s sister and is a very loyal friend. it’s like a very different kind of killer. very innocent yet very professional.

ti lung acted as this policeman but is lazy and 贪小便宜. he is T’s friend and plays chess with him lah. actually u wont realise this until the very end.

joseph quek acted as ko. he is the second biggest role in the movie but he dun get a poster on his own. sad right? he’s T’s friend and a very very noisy friend. everything that T does is becos of him.

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