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February 5, 2007

decided to take a break from work cos i tot im kinda starting to lose myself now that i work every single wkday that i had. hahahaha. okay lah. im lazy. but still i tot i needed a day to sit down and do all those misc stuff that i left there lying lah. like cleaning my toilet bowl and to fold my clothes.

so my dad woke me up this morning,
dad: hey. must go to work liaoz!!
me: today i take leave.
dad: u take leave? u pon-tang lah. hahahaha. dun tell me earlier.
me: okay lah. i pon-tang lah.

and it really feels like i jus ponned work. felt so guilty the whole morning. but i really had a good rest. work tmr!! and yueyun’s coming over to my company. with a higher pay than me. cos she’s direct temp and im agency sent one. i feel kinda guilty pulling her into hell with me, but still, yueyun’s with me for another mth!!(: yay. another 2wks time and i’ll start calling gramophone, kino and ikea.

and i jus realised that to enter ADM, on top of the portfolio, 400-words essay and a 3min video, i need to go thru a 1.5hr faculty test (if i ever get thru the first round first) that consists of 6 questions!! wth. how to finish drawing one thing every 15min. last time sec2 art i need a whole afternoon to finish one drawing lah. sigh. it’s so much harder to get in than i tot. if i really cant get in im going back to maybe engineering or jap studies. and join civil aviation so that i can look at those handsome pilots everyday. hahahaha.

and i finally finished another 5eps of the academy. omg. im watching the academy like how felicia watched a-wang. the marathon way. but it’s so nice. haha. i like 阿翹. sammul chan.

i’ve got a new yr wish this yr. and most probably the wish of many others. i hope psp will revamp and come out with a version with internal memory. of at least 20gb. pls.. pls..

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