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panadol cold relief.

February 23, 2007

todat while i was taking the panadol cold relief pills i thought of the panadol cold relief ad which was *surprise surprise* only in mandrain. i guess that ad was made in taiwan lah. okay, it goes like this.

lady (sneezing): ah-choo~ so 辛苦 (hey. is there any direct tranaslation for 辛苦?) no mood to do anything.
guy: i understand.
lady: u understand? u also dun hav a cold.
guy: i had.
lady: u dun look like u had.

watch it here:

(okay. i correct myself. it was made in hk. and correct me for the translation above if wrong, cos my cantonese damn bad. hahaha.)

and it’s really true. people doesnt understand the pain of having a cold when they are not having. when im well, i will jus laugh at people who are sneezing away, but when im sick too i really feel like killing the people who invented those rough tissue and lousy flu medicine.

talking abt bad cantonese, i was struggling to watch the shows on tv when i was in malaysia. they have much newer tvb shows than the ones showin on national tv in spore. they were showing like 同捞同褒 and 天涯侠医 but they were all in cantonese with malay subtitles!! i had to deciper what they are saying lah. in the end i gave up watching cos it was too tiring.

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