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February 27, 2007

hahahahaha. shit. the phone rang jus now and i almost picked it up saying ‘hello. thomson.’ hahaaha.

anw, i have something to say to the 2 girls i saw on the mrt:


i didnt mean to eavesdrop but i was standing too near you and what u were chatting abt kept drawing my attention. cool. u are one of the few people i noe who are clear of the asia entertainment circle, not jus of one country (eg. taiwan, korea) like how most people are.

and yesh, 小鬼 was from 丸子 but it was kinda sad that they only had 1 album before it was disbanded. their hit was 愛你卡農 which in this title 卡農 would refer to canon in D as what most taiwanese do.

and cool. u watch ‘dicey business’ too and i guess the person u were talking abt was bosco wong. but ur fren doesnt like hk shows becos ‘most of them were shot in one building’ hahahaha. but why dislike TITS too? it’s shot in the airport lah. it’s like a much bigger building? as compared to maybe a police station or maybe an office.

and i really have to apologise for eavesdropping. but it’s cool to find another person who is interested in what interest u too.



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