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the big A.

March 5, 2007

didnt really bother to blog abt the results. okay lah. so 2mar07 was the big day and perhaps the last day we can openly sway into ac. overall results was okay, but not as good as how me and ong wanted to be. the top 2 had 8distinctions (sigh) and the rest werent as good as last yr. me and ong were hoping that our batch can break some record like beating the traditional top5 schools or something like that, but i guess we didnt do it.

but. sb5 broke our past records. we have 3 4As!! hahaha.

the night before results release felicia and i agreed on how to release our results to each other:
7As – very good
6As – not bad
5As – suck lah
4As – suck like hell

u good lah. still say cant get into the course u wan. is not whether they wan u, is whether u wan them lah. haha.

at the age of 18, i have to choose wat to do for my life. sigh.

option1: try psc, earn big bucks for the government and lead a comfortable life
option2: try singapore airlines, join the mangement and control the future of spore airlines
option3: try ida and wish one day i can join microsoft/apple/google and be a programmer
option4: try ADM with ntu scholarship and spend 4yrs doing art but without a confirmed job
option5: when all fails, jus join ADM and see where laotian leads me to

hais. i seriously need to talk to feltan. ):

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