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of earthquake and such.

March 6, 2007

lalalalala. u noe i finally had to chance to bring the ipod out this morning. okay, the ipod belongs to my sister but still im the biggest share holder mah, must gimme a chance to use it too. muahahaha.

*update 11.53am*
omg. my office is experiencing earthquake!! hahahahaha. omg. i tot someone was pushing my table lah. but then the whole office started laughing, cos everyone tot they were the only one shaking when everyone were shaking tgt. omg. my first plate tectonic experience. hahahahaha. cool. so many times spore got earthquake experience all i didnt have the chance to experience lah. woa.

okay. back to my ipod business. cos most of the time my sis will be hogging the ipod and when she doesnt she’s hogging the computer. so i only have the before bedtime hr to touch the ipod. and now my sis’s at obs, i can hog both the computer and the ipod!! muahahahaha.

i think my sis has obs phobia in her. and i think i am the cause of it. ever since i returned from obs, everyday i would tell her stuff like ‘when u go obs, u not careful ur specs will drop into the sea and u will never get it back’ and ‘sandfly bites damn itchy, can itch for wks!!’ until she kinda hope she dun hav to go there. hahaha. die.


out of the blue, i’ve gotten myself a half day. i guess it shd be called an ‘earthquake break’. haha. cos the building im working in is rather old and the big bosses werent sure of our safety if we continued staying in the building and so everyone could go. but. i’ll have 18bucks less lah. the building shook twice, one before lunch and one after lunch. tmr i must try the teh terik along the way i walk when i go china sq before i leave that place to start on my portfolio. sigh.

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