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March 7, 2007

*elite jerk alert* (pls do not read if u really cannot tahan those elite talk from elite kids)

i refer to Embarrassing to get ‘just’ 4As (New Paper 6mar07)

actually i didnt read this article but instead the respond column on this article on mypaper attracted my attention. as always, stuff on elite schools and their kids always attract 2 very different kinds of responses from people. one in which people disagree to elite schools and the outrageous actions from these kids, and the other which are supportive or at least pitiful of those in these schools.

most of the responds were straight forward: are u crazy? 4As still not happy? is it good enough to get a job. blah blah blah.

but to think this is understandable. to study in a sch where 55% of the kids get 4As and above(and that’s 676 kids), somehow the passing grade has already been pushed to A.

some says As are really ‘advanced’ as how its name states. a large syllabus crammed into 2yrs while spending more than 12hrs a day in sch after cramming in CCAs practices. but actually As syllabus really is very much similiar to Os and almost a continual to it.

think abt this: ‘u have done it once, and u noe the rules of the game, then aim for a highest score!!’u have been thru it once, squeezing the whole Os syllabus in the short time span of 2yrs (sec3 and 4), it would be natural that one can achieve more with As, since the number of subjects is halved and u have already gotten used to the cambridge way of doing stuff(unlike the transition from psle to Os).

and no no adults, these kids did not cry/whine/pay 160bucks the papers becos they felt that they could not get scholarships or jobs. it is how u feel when u cant manage to beat a high score or finish 8laps in daytona(or 10 depending which arcade u go). it’s not that u lost, but not achieving the best.

but one day everybody will jus look back and realise that it’s peanuts.

*end of jerk talk*

im sorry. it’s just that i felt that these people have all their rights to feel unhappy abt their results.

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