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who fed me laxative?

March 14, 2007

my stomach has been churning and churning every now and then since the day before. u noe since young ur mum will always tell u tat ‘it’s okay to have a diarrhoea now and then and it will go away after a day’ but it’s not going away. and i dun seem to be able to find anything at home that can cure my diarrhoea. hais. im gonna shivel up very soon.

so yup. my first week since im jobless. as how xinyun says lah i wont want to work once im out of work. hahaha. life’s like how i expectd it. nth to do. very very happy. but i feel kinda useless. planning to work on one script and finish reading the ‘ideas’ book in kino before i start on my next work. since i’ve decided to go nus, i guess i have to pursue my interest in another way lah. maybe like watching movies into the wee hours everyday and go for lectures with panda eyes. haha. coool.

watched jus follow law. every comment that i heard from people after the show was negative. but i liked it. serious. deep down from my heart. although like how people always say jackneo’s movies dun look like a movie. it’s more of a tv show film in a letterbox shape. it doesnt have big scenes, big stories but somehow it touched us deep down somewhere. esp all the office politics things, it’s exactly like how our offices are. all the cc, bcc, hahahaha.

read it from iweekly with an interview with a guy who invests on movies. he said something like ‘tvb is like our university’ and actually to think abt it, it’s true right. chowyunfatt came from tvb, tonyleung too, andylau and tonnes of directors who graduated from their film school. and i think we need this too. and maybe jackneo can help. i wonder how his jteam academy is doing.

watching price of greed. it’s a very simple touching story. it’s a warehoused show, like net decpetion and greed mask. tiny production with small budget and small cast. it gets quite irritating sometimes when kate tsui go hysterical and that i’ve already watched till ep7 (the show only has 20eps) and sammul chan has yet to appear. ever since TITS i’ve been only watching tvb shows that have at least 1 member of S4 as part of the main cast. price of greed has half a S4 and academy has half too. watch it when u are free. fully watchable on youtube, canto audio chinese subs. (:

南屏晚钟 随风飘送

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