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the academy.

March 15, 2007

finally. finished my 32eps academy. omg. it’s damn nice. it’s the nicest tvb shows i’ve ever watched following triumph in the skies.

right from the start i knew that lee-sir will die and from ep30 they have been hinting that lee-sir will die(like how suddenly lee-sir starts talking abt we’ll settle another day, the future will be good etc.), but the death of lee-sir still had a big impact. it’s really wah biang. i wanna kill the scriptwriter for killing him off.

i dun mind the pak kiu fake father will die. or maybe even if ah-fa’s brother to die. or even bong-xiu’s father (the guy who acted in triumph as a pilot and lives in japan one. cant rmb his name). but not lee-sir. wah lau ehhhh.

i was hoping pak kiu will noe that lee-sir is his father maybe a day or two before he dies. not when simultaneously lee-sir is dying at some other place. stupid lah. suddenly the whole chong lap man and family thing seems so insignificant lah. hais. stupid lah. kill off lee-sir.

now i feel like watching dicey business. for michael miu.

强人是你 能飞天遁地
强人是你 能顶天立地

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