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March 22, 2007

i got a shock watching this. now i feel like im betraying IA, this film is much much better than confession of pain. unlike IA and the subsequent movies from the director duo, protege does not focus so much on the screen(i guess becos the alanmak and andrewlau started out as cinematographers and derekyee as an actor), its focus was on its plot.

everything in the movie seems so real. i tot i knew quite a lot abt drugs (with all those anti drug campaigns which the govt tries so hard to try to get the message through *why not jus screen protege in schools. the kids will get a shock*) but it was so.. um.. enriching.

at first i was quite reluntant to watch the film cos from the trailers u can see that cinematography was really jus so-so. but omg. the film is good. it’s so gross, it’s so gruesome, yet so captivating.

and this is the first time i understand why they say andylau is no longer an idol, he’s an actor. andylau is damn good in protege. and derekyee managed to protray how an undercover will feel. as compared to IA, i tot danielwu’s character was in a worse state then tonyleung.

protege has no ‘pattern’ to show u, it gives u the real stuff.

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