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kids nowadays.

March 27, 2007

i nearly died. really. now i understand how ann feels when she deals with kids. they are extremely cute, but so hard to handle. run here run there, roll on the floor and try to kill each other. hahaha.

took my first batch of kids yday. boys. 20 odd boys. i heard the other coaches that the girls are damn bimbotic, spolit, and damn rich. wah heng. the boys i got are very normal but very very naughty. hahaha.

woo. i jus got a call. to ask me wat’s my eye degree and whether i got astig. that’s all. ‘okay, i will keep u informed.’ hahahaha. okay. means i still have chance to go taiwan. pray hard that they are so slow by the time everything’s done it’s already mid may. yay.

now i feel like getting an office job for another 1 mth. at least i’ll have another 800bucks. to do something i like.

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