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1apr was over…

April 3, 2007

now im quite scared. after listening to yueyun. hais. i dunno whether the choice i made was okay. cos she said for the double degree choice i made was like the best of both worlds: dumping ground of science students + dumping ground of arts students.

hais. so the chance of not getting it is quite high. as compared to computerscience+math. yueyun said that i scare her with me choice. hahaha. i tell u, if i said i chose business then will scare u even more lah. hahahaha.

but i dunno whether it’s the best choice lah. actually it was a sudden change cos i realise nus does provide aeronautical engineering but as a specialisation, not a main major like ntu lah. but as huimin said, nus engineering is not as good as ntu. hmm.

and after much discussion with yueyun, i decided not to take on usp. and aim very very hard for my double degree. if they are not gonna gimme now, im gonna work hard to get it after my year1. yup. cos i love econs mah. as u can see. hahahahaha.

so my final choice: engineering and economics.


read from the website the kids from that course get to learn from the airbus people. um. i like boeing. haha. B777!!

side track. u noe changi airport keeps saying what they are A380 ready so i tot A380 is super new lah. turn out, if u watched triumph in the skies carefully, when S4 was still training in adelaide, ron ng’s room had this huge thick book on A380 lah. how did he get that? wah. the people at adelaide so updated. hahahaha.

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