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April 12, 2007

hahahahaha. this part is damn funny. the 4 of them here are actually brothers and sisters. mosses chan is the biggest brother but he was actually picked up from a cubicle in the toilet. then i think the last son is the 2nd wife’s son. er. bosco im not so sure.

taken from ‘heart of greed’. watching everything off youtube/tudou/veoh cos at first i wasnt very keen on the show. the storyline sounds like those boring big family fight over father’s money kind of show that spore keeps filming (think kuai le yu, he lan chun. eeeee.) but it’s surprisingly nice. hahaha. it’s damn funny.

ha yu is the father here. he owns this chain of stores that sell abalone. he has 2 wives (wow. i think becos he got married before dunno when and hk then doesnt have a law that resrtict man from having 2 wives), 4 children and 31 stores.

mosses chan has very funny ringtones in the show. er. one that goes ‘ur mother is calling u, ur father is calling u, ur grandpa is calling u, ur grandma is calling u, ur brother is calling u..’ hahaha. damn stupid. the other ringtone is actually a song from eason called 浮誇 which means talk big. hahaha.

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