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the CX bear.

April 12, 2007

nah. jasmine lee. the cathay bear. hahaha. dun say ugly har.

hais. i dunno whether it’s a problem with my comp or with singnet, cbox keeps showing as 403 forbidden error. hais. i cant see a single tag!! and i cant tag. sigh.

and my 2nd complain. hais hais hais. i really kinda regret now that i didnt consider law at all for my uni admission. okay lah. my gp couldnt make it. didnt bother to go take SAT. and the application date is long over. why didnt i think of law ah? haissss. my gp is quite bad. and i guess it’s not so easy to get in. but i’ll learn. if i like it. now the only chance is to go for the GLP after my first degree. or start from a LE and then take night school? hahahaha.

or if i can grow 5cm(wow.) in these 8yrs then i can go apply to be a cadet pilot. hahaha. 5cm. long way to go.

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