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April 16, 2007



Yesterday was the 26th HongKong film awards. er. 金像奖.

after this our exile(父子) won best film. wah biang. how many awards they have won till now? tgt they also won best director, best screenplay, best supporting actor, best new performer (both Gouw Ian Iskandar, the boy who looks like aaron kwok).

best actor was Lau Ching Wan with the film ‘my name is fame’. hahahaha. wth. that’s a comedy leh!!

best actress gong li with curse of golden flower. okay lah. acceptable.

Andrew Lau and Lai Yiu Fai won best cinematography for ‘confession of pain’. yay. they deserved it. hahaha.

菊花台 won best original film song.

Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles best asian film. hais. i was still hoping ‘i not stupid 2’ can win. although part2 wasnt as good as the first one.

and this morning/last night i dreamt that i went japan. hahaha. wah. okay lah. maybe it’s becos of the pressure of finding out how to get around in hk that’s causing it. (i still dun uderstand where is where in hk. hahaha. really. so how to get to ocean park from kowloon peninsula?) and also the pressure of the fear of something stupid will pop out that requires me to be in spore in that period of time. er. like interviews. or appealing dates. stuff like that.

an advice from ong that when we are in hk, we must speak in english so that the hotel people will treat us nicer. hahaha. so we must prevent speaking mandrian even when it becomes very tempting to do so. in case they think we are 北姑s and try to ‘art’ our money.

somehow going taipei doesnt seem that stressful.

and i feel like eating mac now. and sakae buffet. and amoy that indonesian chicken. and chinasq fish mianxian.

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