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April 18, 2007

life gets a little stressful when i have too much time. finally. one email from nus, i really hope i can get a scholarship. still struggling btw electronic engineering and mechanical engineering. one that deals with the circuit board in the cockpit, one which deals with the exterior. but i kinda like op-amp, and faraday and er wires.

height limit for syfc is 162cm. ahhh. i need 2 more cm. i need to jump more. and short sighted of 300degree and below. hais. i also wanna get a PPL. but read this handbook thing from the website. woa. it’s very very strict at syfc. like hair (cannot touch collar and eyebrow for short hair), attire, punctuality.

monday to go down to nus for interview.
tues and yueting is off to japan.
fri will be felicia’s last day at work.
17more days to the day when we go up up and away.

An airplane, I am an airplane. Now right up in the sky, ever so high. Spark the silver light in the rain, off to Spain. I can’t stay, I am up and away.


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