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April 27, 2007

i always knew i had the ability to become a commando. i have been awake for 36hrs. in btw i doze off for abt 45min or so, but other than that i am fully awake. wow. isnt that amazing? hahahaa. actually at abt 5pm or so my right eye swell and became red, i guess becos of the lack of slp.

and ever since i stopped working, i stopped eating too. haha. wake up at 12 everyday. have branch (or not have it altogether) before dinner at 6 then no more meals. wow.

i knew it. i was made to be part of commando.

been thinking (again) whether engin is a good choice afterall. so what do i wan to do in the future? er. till now only pilot or lawyer. and both doesnt need engin background. heck. i wanna work for boeing. but the boeing branch in spore is a spare parts centre. huh!!?? hahah. like keep spare parts only. maybe we dun have the space to keep a whole plane. other than at changi.

like jasmine, i realise i have a damn boring life. or at least for now. i spend my days either eating, reading magazines or watching dramas. heart of greed for hk and good luck and liar game for jpn. and of course bangbangtang. they are all damn good, watch it if u are free too.

oh. and guess who we saw at clinic last night. garychan!! hahahahaha.

that’s this strange onion smell coming from downstairs. who’s cooking at this hour?

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