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ilha formosa day1.

May 12, 2007

im backkkk. hahahahaha. the 900bucks was worth it afterall. cos it was really fun lah. **updated to include more details

so from 6may to 11may, the 4 of us (me with yueyun, felicia and yueting) were off to taiwan to hongkong. the beautiful island and the east pearl. it was damn scary on 5may cos i was kinda scared i forgot to bring something important. packed up and spent the night at yueting’s hse becos i needed someone to transport me to changi. thanks lah yueting. hahaha.

reached changi at around 630 and woah there was a super long queue at the cathay counter. but heng we checked in online earlier on so we got a priority line. we had some time so we went to the breakfast stuff to get some dimsum and toast. terminal one is not as good as terminal two though. they didnt have the xbox which i was looking forward to. and terminal one is really a little too crammed as compared to terminal two.

went to our boarding gate for our security check. and 3 of us were detected to posses metal objects becos we were wearing belts. woah. the metal detector is a little too strong.

boared our first cathay plane. it was an airbus 330, a little disappointing though. as we were all supporters of boeing. and tada, we have a whole plane of flight attendants in neat red suits and english with hongkong accents. hahaha.


it was a taiwan then hk trip so we first went to taiwan. and becos cathay doesnt have straight flight from spore to taipei we had to transfer at hk first. and the hk international airport really looks like wat it looks on triumph in the skies. with all the cool celling, slanting bridges. it was like watching triumph live. u really feel like pointing to somewhere and say ‘hey. that’s where zoe was talking to sam!!’ kind of stuff. and guess who we saw at hkia transit area. fahrenheit!! the 4 of them!! we wanted to go to the toilet when we saw 4 huge guys coming out from the toilet. they were departing from hk to somewhere i guess. this is like wat most fans would wish happen to them. no security guards, jus their nannys following them. woah. fahrenheit right in front of us. as corrected by yueting, we saw them on the 4th day actually.


shopped at the transit area where there was this disney store. but we kinda took too long and was almost late for our flight.

and they provide ziplock bags at hkia. so all 4 of us were like malu-ating ourselves by pocketing a few ziplock bags here and there. dunno whether they do this too back at changi. providing ziplock bags to the tourists who dun have any for their hand carry liquids.

travalators and travalators. they are really worth the airport of the yr for so long. but of cos we are also good lah. we are the airport of the yr 2006 leh. hkia lost to us. hahaha. so it was one long haul flight and one short haul flight consecutively. no sarong girls but CAs in neat red suits!! hahahaha. yueting felicia and yueyun apparently didnt like cathay as much though. they were okay wah. jus that the in-flight entertainment was a little lousy but i like the CAs and the food!! for the long haul flight from spore to hk we had a really gd breakfast. chicken noodles or omelette. i chose omelette lah. damn nice. hahaha. lunch was a little sad though cos it’s short haul – one microwaved sandwich.


the departure hall is more of like penang kind; with shops and boarding gates nxt to each other. in spore, the boarding gates were at a separate place from the shopping area. the airport was a little too big and so the boarding gate was so far away from the arrival hall where we came from. we had to go to gate 60 something and we had to walk all the way from gate1 which was like so far away!! they have all the way to gate80. in the end it took us so long we had to run to the boarding gate!! running in an airport, so malu.


and yesh we didnt miss the flight and ended up in taipei at the expected time. the travel agency ppl gave us a ride to the hotel and throughout the journey to our hotel (royal castle) we were exclaiming how similar taipei looks to malaysia. it was like a chinese malaysia. and nope, the thing above is 波霸奶茶, not 珍珠奶茶. i think the pearl milk tea has smaller pearls like the one at suntec and 波霸奶茶 is like the pearl milk tea at sweet talk. each cup costs NT$30. around a dollar plus but it’s damn big. almost like 500ml already.


somewhere in ximending but not our hotel. our hotel’s in ximending.


and tada xinmending!! the people in taipei really dress damn well. they dun jus go out in tee and jeans like how we do. they will like get some nice top with cool jeans and boots plus shiny bags, set their hair before they go out. this place is cooler than our orchard. although it’s kinda scary that the motorbikes can also travel on the roads that were supposed to be for pedestrians.


and the nicest meesua we had ever eaten in our life. the award winning one we have in spore shihlin shop thing taste like shit compared to this. very hot and fumming, the meesua was very smooth. they put the fish flakes thing that ppl usually put on tacopachi. and they dun put oysters, instead they put pig intenstines. super nice.


and it was interesting how everyone stood outside the shop to eat. cos the shop was rather small and there was no rm for chairs, everyone had to stand on the street to eat. the queue for the meesua was not short either.


beef noodles!! it’s super nice. everyone in tw seems to like to eat beef a lot. the shop we went to was a little like yoshinoya. chain stores all around taipei.


a typical packet drink in tw. can u see how big this is? it’s like 500ml. almost the size of our bottle drink and everyone jus finish it at one go.


the guy who went to perform on 綜藝大哥大. the guy who can play around with this crystal ball damn well. he’s performing on the street. here he’s performing with fire here.


and when 12am striked on 7may, it was yueyun’s burfday!!


tada!! more on the trip later. very tiring to blog.

listen to the king. 爱情转移, 富士山下 mandarin version.

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