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chinese taipei day2.

May 13, 2007

on day 2, 7 may which was yueyun’s burfday, we were still on tw land.


and our first try on the mrt. today we are first setting off to this park famous for its maze.


and the 悠游卡, taipei’s equivalent of ezylink. unlike us, they dun need any identification thing in order to buy the card, u can jus buy like that.


the people in taipei are really mannered when it comes to train taking. they queue up for trains, do not squeeze in when the people are getting out and stand nicely on the right side of the escalator(more on that later).


the inside of the train. more of the japanese style. 3 by 3 in an L shape. they also have special seats for elderly/pregnant woman called the 博愛座.




it is like the city hall of our place. the place where we get down to change to another line. and also like the central of hk.


新生公園. famous for its maze in the middle on the park. for the whole morning we were jus trying to find this park. it’s so far away from the train station lah. in the end we walked thru like 3 other parks and a highway before reaching it. there must be a shorter way.


the map of the maze. yueting was the first to get out from the maze. i was second!! hahaha. but felicia and yueyun gave up halfway.


the scene we will never get to see again. maids having pinic at the orchard mrt grass patch. here we have 4 maids from spore having a picnic at a taipei park.



our paper bags from 新光三越. paper bags in taipei are free but u hafta pay for plastic bags. our nxt stop of the day was to check out the taipei city hall area. like the malls, and of course 101.


newyork newyork. the stuff were super high end. but that’s this facorty outlet thing in it. cheap shoes but didnt buy any.


and the famous 101. it’s really tall.


can u see how strong the wind is? but the stronger winds are in hongkong. their wind can really blow u away. the stuff at that area is really at the higher end. a simple tee costs around NTS1k. woah.


so we took a cab to wufenpu. 滷肉飯 for lunch/dinner. wufenpu is really one place u hafta check out in taiwan. if taka is like a supermarket, far east is a wet market, wufenpu is like the pasir panjang wholesale market. they sell really nice stuff but place all the stuff in bags on the floor only. a lot of people goes to wufenpu to get stuff for their shops elsewhere.


nxt stop 通化 night market. our first night market after we came.


everyone in taipei loves the basketball game machine and the catch toy machine. it’s everywhere!!


smelly toufu.


粉圓ice plus green beans and yam and peanut. so it ws shopping and eating at tonghua. the hospitality of taiwanese is so strong here. every single shopkeeper will start with ‘歡迎光臨~隨便看看~’ when u enter. and they are really eager to introduce their stuff to u. a little scary though. like this lady who didnt shoo me out of her store when i started to eat the smelly toufu in her store. instead she started telling me wat’s the best way to eat the toufu. hahahaha.


and time to get back to royale castle. we are all a little lack of slp. but the tv at our hotel is too irrestible. they have almost 100 channels of damn good tw tv. like channel v for bang bang tang. the gambling shows by 乃哥 and 誠誠.

bang bang tang for u. le tea.

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