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pearl of the east day4.

May 14, 2007

We started our day in hongkong by waking up at an unearthy hour to catch the first flight from taipei to hk. we reached the airport at around 6. and im off to hk with only knowledge of hk through tvb and the cantonese from tvb. and since ppl dun swear on tvb, i also dunno when ppl are swearing at me. all i noe is ‘cheesin!!’ hahahaha.


we saw this mousey looking aeroplane at taoyuan airport.


finally hkia after an hr something flight. short haul. oh i must talk abt alice. hahahaha. this flight attendant we met on the plane. actually we arrived too early for our flight and so the lady at the counter suggested that we take an even earlier flight which had some spaces left. and becos we were almost the last few person to check in we had to sit at the first row where we had to face the flight attendant directly when taking off and landing. and the flight attendant we had to all look at was alice.

hahahaha. she is really one flight attendant with attitude. hahaha. but i like her. but the other 3 of them hated her. the first incident came when they wanted to get a blanket from her and told her she wanted a ‘蓋子’ instead of like ‘被子’ or ‘被單’. so at the unearthy hour and that we were 10000km above ground, alice heard wrongly and gave them a ‘袋子’ (plastic bag). so they requested again for a ‘被子’. this time it was correct but she only brought one and according to yueting and felicia she shoved it into their hands. but it was a short haul flight mah, time matters a lot so she was in a hurry mah. hahahaha.

following this was the incident btw her, me and yueyun. it was time to land and everyone including the flight attendants had to sit down. but becos we had something to give to whoever was in charged, she got up twice and ran around in the plane when she wasnt to. hahaha. and when it was time to get down, she sort of said ‘thank you’ occasionally only. but acceptable lah. it was still an unearthy hr in the morning mah. hahaha. go alice!! hahahahaha.


hk’s skytrain.


and tada farenheit. i cant explain how close we were to them. it was so so so so close. wuchun in white. and dadong in red. the other 2 cant rmb.



ah sam~~


and we were super lucky, cos we got ourselves a free upgrade to regal kowloon, a 4star hotel in tsim sha tsui. our inital hotel was shamrock, a 3 star one, in jordan.
yueyun’s hk friend came to fetch us and brought us around. thank goodness he was with us during mealtime or else we would have died in the cafe blabbering lousy canto.


if we have ezylink, taipei has easy card then hongkong has octopus card!!


nicer than our bay. felicia was commenting that we have a hell lot to learn from hongkong.



avenue of star. this bayside thing built delibrately to attract tourists.


bruce lee. every chinese’s hero.


華仔~ i never knew he’s so good lucking till i saw him (er, his wax figure) upclose.


this is what i like abt hongkong. their culture is so strong.


an mtr exit that looks so much like an atm machine.


milk tea!!


豬扒意粉in portugese sauce.



if there’s hong kong, then where are we? hahahaha. kowloon pennisula.


our first try on mtr.



this looks like our mrt. jus that their seats are really metal, not coated with plastic.


中環。 the city hall of hongkong.


the giant buddha on lantau island. 大嶼山。




this is not china. this is still hongkong. almost the whole of hongkong is built on mountains. im like having high altitude sickness on the 2nd day in hongkong.




er. maybe this is how hongkongers perceived us. the group of people who eats honey mustard. hahahahaha.

so the first day was quite simple, a little walk thru avenue of stars then lunch at tsim sha tsui this famous macau 茶餐廳. following a trip up lantau island to see the giant buddha. followed by shopping at tung chung factory outlet mall. spore’s factory outlets are pale in comparisons to theirs. dinner at macs before we head back to regal cos we were almost dying from the lack of slp and the overexposure to high altitudes.

hongkongers, like taiwanese, eats a lot. we cant seem to finish any meal in hongkong becos the portion was far too big. and macs in hk do not provide chilli. they will only give u when u specially request for it, but they give u the sweet thai chilli sauce only.

although hongkong claims to have bad air, their air is still much better than taipei’s. my nose stopped bleeding and felicia’s face was slowly regaining moisture.

in taipei, the tv had access to like 100 over channels but in hongkong, regal only has free national tv channels which was like around 20plus channels, which includes tvb jade lah(heng..). but their free national tv channels are like our channel8, they dun repeat their programmes, and since i miss the 7-9pm tv programmes everyday, i didnt watch a single tv series in hongkong. ):

more of our adventure in hongkong and our bad canto.

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