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jin ho lian.

May 20, 2007

im back. finally. after 4 days of non stop work. hais hais hais. u noe everyday when i work i’ll tell myself ‘this is to punish u for playing non-stop for 2mths when ur frens are working..’ and keep repeating this in my head to move myself on.

tmr’s yet another interview with ida people. this time for this govt agency. hais. i wanna work in caas. i shd have jus applied and not care abt the distinction in gp criteria. why reject me for not being gd in gp?

and i’ve finally settled myself down and not to be guilty for not applying to aerospace ntu. it’s over lah. other than not having aerospace engin, everything else in nus seems to be perfect though.
-i got into ddp as i wanted
-i can learn jap in nus
-the campus life is better

need to catch up with my abalone show. im 9eps behind the general public. and i wanna watch the beginning. and dicey business.

went to the newstand at the mrt station to see of they have any new issue of tvb weekly. the newest one now is issue 511 with liza wang on the cover. urgh. i wan issue 514(with my abalone 4 siblings on the cover), and that’s 3 wks more. and when i went hk it was already issue 515. missed by one issue.

and for these 4days becos my new workplace, i got to take more of the NEL and realised that NEL is not that bad actually. just that.. er.. let me present my thoughts with a familiar song:

你看到的会有几个 (lyrics changed to accommodate situation)

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