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scorpio east.

May 22, 2007

it’s been so long since i last went to their website. and hey. it has quite a lot of surprises ah. first off, a contest on my abalone show. hahaha. i haven seen a contest that requires such detailed answers.

1. 唐仁佳(夏雨饰) 和凌巧(李司棋饰)是分别在哪一集去世而是怎么死的?
In which episodes do Tong Yan-Kai (Ha Yu) and Ling Hau (Lee Sze Kee, Louise) die respectively and what cause their deaths?

errrr. as u can see. im now 10eps behind the general public. i only noe dai kai died of liver cancer.

2. 唐仁佳(夏雨饰) 去世前,是哪位孩子能见他最后一面?
Which child of Tong Yan-Kai (Ha Yu) manages to see him before his death?

hahahahahaha. who knows? dak dak dei?

3. 王秀琴(关菊英饰) 与唐家争斗官司,最后怎样收场?
Wong Sau-Kam (Kwan Kuk Ying) is embroiled in a legal battle with the Tong family. What is the outcome of this legal court case?

of course good will triumph over evil. moses chan will win lah. hahahaha.

4. 常在心(钟嘉欣饰)和程亮(林峰饰)的恋情,谁是第三者?
Who is the third party that comes between Sheung Tsoi-Sum (Linda Chung) and Ching Leung (Raymond Lam)?

sui mak mak lah. aiyoh. no need to watch also can guess.

hahahahaha. okay loh. every question is like asking the stuff from ep 30 onwards and im still at ep20 now. woo. but the prize for this contest is not bad. i wan the tvb artiste postcards.

more details from here:

lunching with some strange people.

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