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the drive of life.

May 25, 2007

been very lazy to blog abt this coming show cos it really feels like yet another big production. like 创世纪 which i watched till i fell asleep. er. so the drive of life is 2007’s 台庆剧 (like 2006’s db and 2003’s triumph and 2000’s threshold of era) and heng heng, this yr is tvb’s 40th anniversary and the 10th yr hongkong went back to china, they try to make something big lah. so, they came out with the drive of life. yawn.

so u can see, there are the..

not so young ones..

are they 3 generations? hahahaha. the old one in the middle. damian lau. hahaha. he’s 58 this yr. woah.

the scandalous ones..

the very scandalous one..

the ones tvb loves..

san gor!!! hahahaha. shit. damn biased..

and the young till i dunno who are they. who are they?

yah. so the drive of life will start in july after on the first beat ends. and talking abt that, almost a wk to ‘on the first beat’. yesh. yay.

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