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June 1, 2007

shit. i seriously need some sleep. first day doing sales. and fared as the lousiest. i need to work harder tmr. wanna buy macbook?

today’s 1june. supposed to be last ep’s of heart of greed. im still still stuck at ep20. and db is too tempting. i wanna watch the poker playing parts. so im now at ep21 for db, one ep ahead of abalone.

yesh. nxt monday. on the first beat. wah. i kinda miss ron ng. so long never see him.

oh yah. something i tot of last night which i wanna blog abt. now reading the first 2pages of uweekly has become my fav monday activity. u noe the first 2pages of uweekly is always those kind of gossipy stuff. but they wont reveal the name straight to u, instead to hint here there and u hafta guess who they are talking abt. hahahaha. it’s real fun to read those stuff.

like this wk’s smallest column was abt this 三色台(3 colours tv station. er.. haha) female actress called 蒙蒙(omg so obvious) who recently had a role in 鲍鱼风暴(so obvious!!!). she has a rumoured bf called 米粉. it was sth like she always had a reputation of being pure, nice kind of person till she had the rumor with 米粉 lah(apparently she was accused for the breakup btw beehoon and his previous girlfriend lah). and they said her temper was damn bad, cos one time a certain actor called 波比 (how many bobbys are there in tvb?) who joked abt her relationship with beehoon and she wanted to throw a chair (!!) at him.(poor bobby)

and i remember like two three weeks ago there was this one on 择择 and 兴兴 who acted in 坏脾气婆婆 (okay. this is too obvious.) something abt neighbours heard noise from them when they were making love at night (!!!). hahahahahaha.

looking forward for more.

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