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loooong entry.

June 9, 2007

im going for a looooong entry today since i haven blogged properly for quite some time. to start off, some stuff from ST forum which caught my attention.

June 2, 2007
Did son just miss the mark or …?

June 5, 2007
NUS lacks transparency in allocating places

June 5, 2007
Why are students not writing in themselves?

June 7, 2007
NUS explains university admission score

June 8, 2007
Project Work the clincher in top courses

i really feel like slapping these parents. hello? ur son/daughter is already 19 now (or even older) and with 4As for his/her exams, he/she cant even write to nus or the forum directly? please lah. let me tell u. the reason ur son/daughter cant get into the course they wan is becos they themselves cant even do such a simple thing as to ask around why they cant get in.

first. the parent with a son with a band3 in pw. ‘oh. oh. my son has 4As and distinctions in S papers. he so have the potential to be a good doctor.’ wtf. if ur son gets a band3 in pw is either becos he has certainly no interest in this subject deemed as useless or becos he is never a team player. can u see auntie? a friend of mine, who doesnt have such a good grade, could get an interview for nursing and to ultimately get into nursing becos at least she bothers to do her pw homework auntie. and i spend around 15min a day to do pw and i can still get a band1 auntie. wah lau eh.

and.. S papers do not count towards the university admission score. hello? nus reminded us once and again abt this. S paper does not count. and so what if u have a distinction. i dun study. i play computer. i watch tvb. and i still get distinction for my S paper. what’s so cool abt getting distinction? it’s like scoring 160 for IQ. so? and if for every A a sporean student gets equals to a one dollar coin thrown into the sea, i bet we can reclaim our land all the way till we merge with jb. it’s that many.

i have almost the same grade as the first guy other than that i got one disinction less but i dun even think what i got was anything near maginificent. maybe it’s a reasonable grade taking into account that i at least attended almost all of my tutorials. but still. i think that grade is jus mah-mah lor. i dun even dare to confirm that i can get my first choice which is like er engin and u think u can confirm go pharmacy?

and stop being a sore loser lah. and i bet u dun even noe whether ur kids truly wan to get into the doctor course. and doctors unlike studying a course like business, is a lifelong thing. u sure he wan anot har?


okay. back from my 11 consecutive days to working. seriously. wah. but it didnt seem as tiring though. but i seriously spend too little time at home. i leave hse at around 8am everyday and to come home at around 9pm and for 4 days 12plus becos of the apple roadshow. so tues wed chomel work. thu to sun roadshow at marina sq selling apple stuff. and mon to fri again at chomel. hahahaha. it’s real fun to work in madame butterfly, i hope they dun transfer felicia and me away. our job scope is jus pasting stickers at chomel. hahahha. to help with the price tagging to sound professional, but it’s jus sticker pasting.

happy burfday felicia!!

at the apple show it was quite untolerable on the first day but eventually it got better (maybe becos i developed better thigh muscles on the way) as i blogged previously, didnt sell a lot but i tot it was not too bad lah. played around with mac and got much more familiar with them. and thoroughly sick of ipods. tested my wireless@sg account and it was working perfectly fine. met many different kind of people. became a better sweet talker and of course made new friends.

at chomel we didnt get to interact as much, but the madame butterfly people are so so so cheerful. they seem to love their job a lot. maybe that’s how our service sector shd be. we touched a whole lot of jade and pearls. and er bahjus. hahahahaha.

so now i can differentiate btw different jewellery, noe abt the stuff in apple, can scoop ice cream, can process invoice, noe how a puslisher work, noe how to operate pasar malam rides and to bring a bunch of 20 P3 kids around esplanade for tours. maybe the most useful 8mths i have ever spent in my life. and of course to take so many flights in a few days and to come to know taiwan and hk.

sch’s gonna start in around 2mths time. and in btw there would be like registration for this and that. camps. and body check-up. and maybe i need some brain warmup becos they haven been moving for quite some time.

update on what i watched. hahahaa. ep 22 for heart of greed and 22 for dicey business. ep1 for on the first beat.

on the first beat is definitely a very very differently kind of show to academy. the story continues from the academy and pak kiu and ah man has already graduated from PTS. the academy was like a 温馨小品 and on the first beat tries too hard to act like a blockbuster. some caps. (okay lah. after finishing ep2 i take back my words. on the first beat is as good. hahahaha. ep2 was damn shiok to watch. and that lee pak kiu is really the centre of broom, everyone around him is dying.)

the opeing is already very much different.

mr ron ng. he still cant really act. hais.

pak kiu!!

my favourite ka-la-feis as always. they too graduated from PTS.

the all time favourite child actors.

better catch more scenes of the 2 ladies becos they wont be here for long.

new job new requirements.

pak kiu. i guess he wouldnt have much storyline since he’s now demoted to the supporting role.

new kids on the block.

maybe a treat for those TaRo fans who couldnt get enough of them in part1.

isnt he a policeman? is he an undercover?

urgh. he looks so irritating. hahahaha.

er. what’s with that fringe?


a point to note. this is this bad guy in ep1 who appeared less than 3seconds. but doesnt he look like this guy from ah seng/pi li huo/anything in that series? hahahahaha. 黄仲昆 or something like that.

wai pak kiu is now li pak kiu. yup.

and a photo from sammulchan’s blog.

and some caps from heart of greed too.

heart of greed is really good at making u feel unworthy for the tong family(like how 监狱风云 is for chowyunfatt). the villans are so 不要脸 that u feel like killing them. cos now i dun have much time to stay in front of the computer to finish off the shows so i actually finish them off on the train while going for work (as suggest by ms jasminelee), i feel like boxing the people in the show right there in the train cabin.

the tiny ones:(worth 1 tight slap)

1. 水明霞 (more commonly known as sui mak mak(what does that mean?))

she’s this CA who cant decide which man she truly loves. and somehow she will get involved with raymond lam who is like her best friend’s boyfriend.

2. 常在心 and alfred.

the couple which cant decide whether they truly like each other.

the not so bad one: (worth 3 tight slaps)

3. mr kao fuk(舅舅)波.

he dun work. 好吃懒做 and is always finding ways to get fast cash. and he expects his two elder sisters to take care of him for the rest of their lives. although he seemed to change in ep16 but he’s still hovering btw the good and the bad.

4. 常在德(常在心’s elder brother)

like kao fu bo, he’s constantly finding ways to get quick cash and 好吃懒做. he caused his sister to be constantly in debt and didnt care abt the family.

the tak boleh tahan one:)worth 5 tight slaps)

5. 小契 which means small wife.

i dunno whether she 心理不平衡 or what but she is forever finding ways to do something bad to the family and to get some money out of it. forever u noe. ever since like ep2 she’s been causing the tides and waves in the family. it’s not that she’s ill-treated or what. and i dun think she needs so much money. she’s jus 心理不平衡 she’s the 2nd wife, no status. wah biang. 20yrs ago she pleaded the first wife to let her marry into the family, and 20yrs later she’s 煽风点火-ing.

6. tavia’s family.

they are literally fa qin hon(发钱疯). the mother got tavia to marry her first husband becos he’s rich and now they are trying to dig the tong’s family gold mine. once and again she uses her digusting way to whine some money out from the tong family. they plead they threaten. they are getting money from the tong family and still talk so much.

nothing much for dicey business though. it’s a good show. i dunno whether it’s me or something but somehow how michael miu’s character is moving resembles too much of andylau’s character in infernal affairs. the i-dun-wan-to-be-a-bad-person-but-becos-of-a-污点-in-life-he-dug-a-deeper-and-deeper-hole-for-himself scenario. but all he wants is to a good guy. eh. infernal affairs right?

woah. this entry is getting really long. last one. i watched 鬼啊鬼啊 already. turned out to be better than i expected. and yesh, it’s a comedy. a very stupid one indeed. it has a very high entertainment value. the show’s mostly in hokkein and canto, which kinda shocked me cos i tot the govt was all along against dialects. solid cast, nice script. worth ur time.

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