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on the first beat ep2.

June 9, 2007

more caps.

yau ma tei.. er. i jus noe there’s a dim sum restaurant there. hahaahahha. and the people cant speak anything other than cantonese.

some more of my favourite ka-la-feis from part1. bong-siu and ah lam. i still remember the episode where all the girls in A class tries to doll up ah lam so that she would look more womanly. hahahaha. she really looked quite hideous then. and th second picture would be that over achiever from B class.

they look extremely strange in their uniforms. esp when it’s no longer the dirty green one.

seeing them tgt reminds me of the rumor some time ago that they said that sammulchan is gay and likes ron ng and somemore fights with another girl for ron. hahahaha. and also that they took a picture of him holding a ds lite and thus concluded he was girly becos ds lite was a 少女圣物 or something like that. haha. seriously lah. sammulchan is jus 宅. he looks okay from outside but inside he’s jus 宅 lah. that’s why he talks in a certain way which people perceive as gay.

urgh. i hate michael tao’s character.

pak kiu didnt have time to go to ocean park with fiona so he brought her to a fish shop.

wah. his teeth are as bad as mine.

hey. it’s 大志!!

even with a policeman uniform, he still looks like a pilot to me.

errr.. u noe what happened if u noe.

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