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June 14, 2007

u noe how when u are on the train, everyone seems to be holding this tiny gadget on their hands and twirling their thumbs in a circular motion – it seems like everyone in spore owns one ipod or two.. or more.

however it doesnt seem that many for portable gaming device and most of the times u will see either malay boys holding psp or little kids playing with dslite/gba.

but that time when we went hk (which was also the time i was seriously pondering whether to spend another 300bucks for a psp), there were so many people holding on to one portable gaming device on the train. say in one tiny compartment there’s around 20 people, there would be around 6 who are either holding on to a psp/dslite. and it’s not jus the malayboys/kids who are playing with them. there were men in suits and OLs too. woah. how cool is that. hahaahahah.

okay. so life goes on. from tmr onwards, felicia and me will be transfered over to wisma. cos the work at taka is almost done, so we are off to do price tagging for another outlet.

and…. i lost my taka pass today. and to only realise it during lunch. it’s 20bucks and maybe a big scolding from the security guard for that lost pass. so during lunch i went down to the security counter to tell the security woman that i lost my pass lah. and she was so calm,

‘u lost ur pass ah? number 14? u go find first, later if we find it we will tell u.’

so felicia and me went off for lunch and went back to MB after lunch to find the pass. searched high and low and through all the cheongsams and still cant find it. was abt to draw 20bucks out le to pay for my lost pass.

but somehow i forgot to draw the money and went straight down to the security counter after work. so the security later was like,

‘found it? where u lost it?’

then i was like ‘no. dunno where i lost it.’

and suddenly she said, ‘see lah. play play play.’ and took out my pass from her tiny lost and found box. wah lau eh. i bet she found it even before lunch. she jus wan felicia and me to go search high and low for it lah. wah biang.

and there are more people than i expected who went to watch men in white. hahahaha. i like that movie!! at least more than how i felt towards pirates3(maybe becos i didnt catch the ball). felicia is trying very hard to convince yueting to watch since it was still a ‘ghost’ movie. so that day yueting was asking,

chew:’the ghosts got legs anot?’
me:’got ah.’
chew: ‘they are white anot?’
me:’eh. dun think so lah.’
chew:’the show dark anot?’
chew:’is dark lah!! i dun wan to watch liaoz!!’

lao sai~

oh. right after that roger-kwok-call-father-with-that-huge-大哥大 show, the new 10pm slot drama coming up is split second. yay. jus what i was going to watch lah. there’s a lot of paradoies in the show based on movies. like infernal affairs and running out of time. and i heard the first scene is an exact replica of PTU’s first scene, but i didnt watch PTU. another thing. the show ahs 30ep and each ep represents a day. heh heh. sounds like 迷離20天 har.. so mediacorp is not so creative afterall. chey. but ‘split sceond’ was a huge flop in hk lah, despite the cast lah.(alex fong (方中信, not 方力申), patrick tam, moses chan, kevin cheng and lai lok yi)

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