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SGC and such.

June 16, 2007

finally. i got back my sgc. and gosh it’s grand. i was thinking that they would give me jus a few pieces of paper. and no. instead it’s this whole file/folder thing with gold embossed words on the cover. woah.

so. the PQ part wasnt that exciting after all. first, my cca part. mrWTH didnt change anything. seriously. not a single word. he jus place everything i wrote for him into my cca part. and cip is even worse. there is only 3 lines. i think i wrote 4 lines and the teacher, changed the last line, which became jus 3 lines. shit.

but. the pq part by form teacher is not bad. and since it was written my gplow lah. and having a gp teacher as a form teacher has its perks. it was one page long, woah. she retained the info but restructured the sentences lah.

but SGC was still rather disappointing. it was like ‘hey. chey. sigh.’ kind of thing. i hope no one wans to see my SGC in the future. seriously.

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