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June 21, 2007

i wanna play poker. hahahaha. it turns out much more addictive than what i perceived it to be at first. u noe when we were young there were always this series of god of gamblers movies by stephen chow. and all he does all day is to accumulate karma and a hell lot of cheating is involved to play the game. so all along i tot poker is jus a boring game and it gets interesting only if u can get a royal flush (but who can get that anyway? must have accumulated a lot a lot of karma.)

but it turns out to be a game of wits. woo. and there are a hell lot of variations. the one we normally see on hk movies is the five stud poker (or maybe the poker people normally play in movies) but there are many others lah, some which works like mahjong also.

wanna play poker with me? it’s fine with me if u wanna play baccarat or blackjack. cos they are quite fun too. hahaha. i better go get my dad to write my name in the ban from IR list.

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