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hk yahoo blogs. again.

June 24, 2007

steven from sun boy’z (formerly boy’z with kenny kwan)

kenny kwan (catch him in ‘on the first beat’!!)

vincy (nevermind that sporeans cant appreciate her, the people in hk does)

dennis from sun boy’z

don li (the guy acting as the eldest son on ‘a handful of love’, the show with jessica hsuan and joe ma, now showing on sunday channel u)

edison. who is gonna have a hse at the peak. hahahahaha.

william from sun boy’z

edison. again.

daniel wu. jasmine lee. go read.

steven ma.

maggie cheung. as in the 張可頤 one.

alex fong. as in 方力申.

ada choi. 美女芬. hahahahaha.

hahahha. omg. what happened to deep ng’s wikipedia article? hahahahaha. apparently someone hates him so much that he/she went to change the whole article. hahahha. cos if i remembered correctly, the last time i went, the article only talked abt him beating up people and got a list of his albums lah. now it’s like a whole article on how he is a drug dealer. hahahhahahha. wth.

kattun’s ‘precious one’ vs sun boy’z’s ‘3+1=1’

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