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What are the odds of getting even? 13 to one.

June 26, 2007

finally. i finished this series. even since i started the first ep, i think around 6mths had past. wow. hahahaha. i took half a yr to finish this show lah. not that it’s bad, but becos the first few eps really turned me off, and i only picked it up again last mth.

the ending was good lah. it’s not a typical all well ends well ending, it sort of leave a bitter feeling, overall a good ending though.

michael miu. my second michael miu series. do u think his voice is very weird? it’s like as if something got stuck in his throat. or that he has a permenent sore thorat. hahahaha.

bosco wong. was watching heart of greed at the same time. impressive. at least i didnt mistake him with gilbert in hog.

work ended yesterday. and most probably im not going to get another till my intern in uni. enough. very sick of working life. haha. learnt a lot. a whole lot. but the more i learn abt working, the more im not looking forward to the actual one after uni life.

watched thirteen with felicia yesterday. after work ended. woah. nice. i didnt catch eleven, watched half of twelve and i could still get it.

eh. it’s not a comedy so no big laughs like ‘men in white’ but more of small chuckles here and there. some like the running ‘oprah’ gag. hahaha. if u have watched the trailer there’s this part where brad pitt went to find george clooney, who was in his room. and when georgeC came out he was tearing and bradP had this question mark look on his face. so gerogeC said that he bite on a pepper. and bradP suddenly heard the tv in his room and went ‘Is that… are you… are you watching.. Oprah?’ that part was super funny. bradP then went into his room and watched oprah with him. hahahaha. and the oprah joke didnt jus end there. it came out a second time near the end. hahaha.

eleven was more on robbing the bank vault, twelve’s aim was to steal and thirteen was more of cheating casino money. the things they do are super unrealistic but at the same time so funny that you dun have time to think if they were.

there’s a hell lot of references to the godfather trilogy but i havent watched the trilogy yet. so. hais.

and i liked this more than pirates3, maybe becos i didnt get the jokes in pirates3 (i have this higly intellectual friend who told me pritaes3 was vrey funny but i didnt find it so!!) how the gang of them try to make everyone win money in the casino, how they try to screw up the security system, how they made this earthquake, how they edited the photos in the FBI files, how they made the 5diamonds guy suffer. hahahahaha.

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