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July 19, 2007

i’ve decided.

MA1505 Mathematics I
PC1431 Physics IE
EG1413 Critical Thinking and Writing
MLE1101 Introductory Materials Science & Engineering
EC1101E Introduction to Economic Analysis
LAJ1201 Japanese 1

hahahaha. having yueyun as a friend is really good. at least she made me think abt what i wanna do lah. but is this allowed? cos i think it exceeded 20MCs. heck.

why isnt there like cantonese 1? what abt people who wanna go hk for exchange programme? then they cant enjoy their exchange if they cant speak cantonese 係咪? hah. such a great idea. start cantonese 1. and i’ll give up japanese for that.

hahahaha. i jus realised 係咪’s hanyupinying is ‘xi mi’ which sounds a lot like hokkein’s ‘what?’ but it means ‘right?’ and shd be pronounced as something like ‘海買’. they shd jus start cantonese 1 and also hokkien 1 lah, in case people wanna exchange with NTU.(not the spore one. the taiwan one.)

sidetrack. recently lot1’s having this car sale lah. wth right? why do they sell cars in a family shopping mall? anw, it’s from geely automobiles and i kept laughing at it’s name ‘geely’. and i jus realised from wikipedia that it’s the first independent automobile manufacturer from the People’s Republic of China. the second shock i get ever since i knew lenovo’s from china. hur hur.

and geely automobile’s the biggest sponsor for 歲月風雲. hais. the drama’s quite a disappointment. maybe except damian lau.

oh. and hey korea got into top8 of asia cup. yesh yesh yesh. initially i tot they were dead meat becos they remained the last in the grp for like the whole of last wk. but they managed to beat indonesia to become second in the grp. phew. japan’s in too. china’s not.

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