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school’s starting..

August 12, 2007

school’s starting tmr. as compared to the past yrs i guess this would be the worst. i haven gone to school for the whole of 8mths already. and that we are not gonna have a uniform? now i hafta worry abt what to wear too. damn.

i guess the only thing that is cheering me up is the new lappie and also the sight of friends again!! yueyuen, jasmine, thank goodness you all are here in nus with me. yay.

decided to try to ISE instead of EE cos i guess i cannot stand studying something too deeply, and ISE’s sort of a mix of everything. a jack of all trades but never a master of something.maybe i jus dun have that patience to study deep into something.

and im starting to fear EG1413. are they gonna make me write stuff like ‘my happiest day in my life. yucks.

gonna appeal for halls cos i tot maybe i shd really try this thing for one sem. i guess it’s not that very very ex lah.once in a lifetime thing. woo.

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