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August 21, 2007

suddenly i feel so musically inclined. can u hear the chopin waltz in c sharp minor and chopin’s etude opus 10 no 5(black keys) playing in the background?

lalalala. life’s getting better. as in i dun hate taking 96 so much now. and have already gotten used to walking from lt7a to the central library. physics is getting a little better, that i finally got what the hell the lecturer is rambling abt. econs still rock my sock, im seriously not regretting choosing econs over business.

yesterday went to check out the LKP school of public policy and do u noe that the school fees for a MPP only totals up to only 9k? for a whole 4sems leh. omg. this is like half price of getting a bachelor. felicia wanna try anot? Masters for Public Policy. then we can too become a asst prof.

yday siewmun told me of a guy in chem engin who has a 4.9 CAP because he had only 1 A- which is from MLE cos he refused to buy the textbk. shit. i dun even have the confidence of obtaining a 4.0 lah. with critical thinking and writing, which is like a pw hell. pw was good, ctw is hellish.

i guess when i, finally settled i’ll start trying for jap or korean cos the ddp is structured in such a way that i will really have a lot of bidding points. and really if i cant do well jus s/u it. hahahaha.

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