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August 26, 2007

photos that i forgot that they even existed.

paiseh. grabbed from brenda.

was youtube surfing when i found this. wah. brings back a lot of memories. i think this was shown on spore tv in 2001. cos u noe the secone lit text is little prince and then at the same time cos in HH, after ada choi went into coma, the lawerence ng will read that book to her everyday. and somehow lit lessons become a little more interesting after that.

and my fav character was gilbert. hahahaha. by william so. the guy who kena aids after he tried saving a lady with aids and all the time there was a cut on his hand. i think he’s a lawyer, not a doctor (after checking up a few articles on HH, i realised that he is, too, a doctor. he’s a registrar and hopes to become a surgeon. his sister, by flora chan, is the one who is a lawyer.) but lives with lawerence ng and bowie lam. and cos he is a gay in the first half of the show,(later he turned straight because of ada choi. hahahaha.) and after ada choi found out his sexual orientation, she started calling him ‘ah gil’ which sounds like 阿娇 lah.

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