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September 19, 2007

last 2 days last 2 days. yay. i really need that break. though it sounds damn nerdy but i really need that time to put my work back to place. 6/7 wks past and i havent finished a single tutorial, maybe except the online ones cos those are graded. and i need to go watch those webcasts. till now i’ve ponned one mth of econs lecture. i need to start watching or else cant catch up in tutorials.

anw, nowadays engin is getting a little less xiong. maybe becos this is the wk before recess wk. and i finished my ctw!! yay. and thanks berber and ann for telling me abt the babel tower part. so two down, one last one left. to decide whether to email the dean over at the other side. kinda swayed by yueyun to stay. to join sheares and to switch over to business. econs is a little too academic. i wanna try something more practical.

but econs has moved on to game theory. yay. nash and prisoner dilemma. love this kind of stuff. those how to win games with math theories. if only they have like casino math and management, i’ll surely enroll myself in that. suddenly remember this quote i saw in iweekly, “the clever ones will become a dealer, and the rest will go to universities” by this guy talking abt the kids in macau. omg. hahahaha. cos i heard the pay now in casinos over there is damn high. even those from mainland hk are going over.

oh. was talking to yueyun abt sep and she’s deciding to go to canada and then maybe to stanford for noc. suddenly my wish to go hku sounds so not exciting. haha. see first lah. US so far, need a lot of money.

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